Overview, Definition and GOLD Grades

overviewThumbThe WipeDiseases Foundation has provided access to  this COPD module at no cost (for a limited time) to give healthcare professionals a true glimpse of the freedom of learning at their own pace that WipeDiseases.org offers, as well as, how easily information learned can be implemented into day-to-day clinical practice.  This module will allow healthcare professionals to learn how COPD is defined and assessed, the epidemiology of COPD, the importance of post-bronchodilator spirometry values and predictive measures to apply to individual patients based on symptoms, history of acute exacerbations and spirometry values. Healthcare professionals will be introduced to the revised 2011 (to the present) Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) report, which describes how to classify and treat COPD patients according to the best available evidence in the literature.

Credit Hours: 0
Credit Type: None
Price: Free
Learning Objectives;

  • Define chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Predict who has COPD based on symptoms and post-bronchodilator spirometry
  • Classify COPD by grade based on the revised 2011-present GOLD report
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