Inhaler Training

inhalerThumb“Inhaler Training” course includes devices commonly used in the management of obstructive lung diseases. The Teaching Proper Inhaler Techniques section features facilitated learning modules with a healthcare professional teaching a patient how to use each inhaler properly and focuses on having the patient perform each step of the process without coaching to ensure that she is able to correctly use each device without supervision. Participants will also view instructional videos, including “Pearls and Pitfalls” of each of the inhaler devices. Learners will also engage in pre-tests and post-tests to assess self-confidence, knowledge, comprehension and application of the information presented in the learning modules.

Credit Hours: 3
Credit Type: CME | CE | NP | PharmD | RT
Price: $30
Learning Objectives:

  • Outline the pearls and pitfalls of each inhaler device
  • Distinguish between the appropriate inhalation technique for metered dose inhalers vs. dry powder inhalers
  • Explain proper inhaler technique of the 8 devices available/shown to patients
  • Recognize the importance of asking patients to perform return demonstration when instructing on proper inhaler technique
  • Identify common mistakes that patients make when taking inhalers
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