Recognition and Diagnosis of COPD, Asthma and Co-Morbidities

diagnosisThumbHow are Depression, Recurrent Upper Respiratory Infections, Osteoporosis and Family History related to COPD?  This course immerses the subscriber in how many practicing Healthcare Professionals identify Classic and subtle symptoms of COPD and how they utilize questionnaires and physical examinations for case-findings. This course also teaches; the subscriber reasons for diagnosing COPD as soon as possible, the importance of Smoking Cessation, how to identify morbidities associated with COPD, as well as, other key diagnostic considerations such as Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and Osteoporosis. Subscribers will also observe clinicians question patients and witness how they use subtle clues given by patients in their case building.

Credit Hours: 4
Credit Type: CME | CE | NP | PharmD | RT
Price: $40
Learning Objectives:

  • Define chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Predict who has COPD based on symptoms
  • Differentiate clinical features of asthma from those of COPD
  • Identify management strategies for common morbidities that improve outcomes
  • Differentiate clinical features of asthma from those of COPD
  • Select appropriate screening tools to assess for common morbidities associated with COPD.
  • Identify subtle symptoms of COPD and infer when to order pre- and post-bronchodilator spirometry
  • Identify common morbidities associated with COPD
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