Achieving Smoking Cessation and Abstinence

smokingThumb7-seconds can last a lifetime…In this course subscribers learn the importance of persistent, but non-judgmental reminders to patients that “The best thing you can do for your health is to stop smoking.” This reminder only takes 7-seconds out of a patient encounter to say and it can gently push your patients along the Motivational Stages of Smoking Behavioral Change and toward smoke-free living if reminded at every visit. This course also arms subscribers with the 5-R’s and 5-A’s many healthcare providers use to guide patients along the continuum of smoking cessation toward complete and permanent smoking abstinence. Subscribers are also given information of outside programs and references patients can use to help achieve total smoking abstinence.

Credit Hours:  2.0
Credit Type:  CME | CE | NP | PharmD | RT
Price: $20
Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize opportunities to implement the five “A’s” and five “R’s” to help patients achieve smoking abstinence
  • Apply the five “Rs” to a clinical patient who is reluctant to quit smoking
  • List two myths about Hookah/Shisha
  • Recognize potential side effects of medications that may be used to help with smoking cessation
  • Identify the potential health benefits of sustained smoking abstinence
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