Barbara P. Yawn, MD, MSc, FAAFP

Barbara P. Yawn, MD MSc FAAFP is a family physician researcher with a long standing interest in the care of respiratory diseases, especially asthma and COPD, in primary care. She served on the Expert Panel for the 2007 NHLBI asthma guidelines and the 2005 WHO asthma and COPD guidelines for primary care.

Her research has included studies of introducing spirometry testing into family medicine offices, COPD screening in family and internal medicine and developing and operationalizing new tools to improve asthma care and patient outcomes.

She has worked on educational programs with Dr. Adams and CHEST related to spirometry and COPD management and with the ATS on spirometry in office settings. Dr. Yawn has had continuous Federal research funding since 1995 and has published over 220 peer reviewed articles, seven book chapters and edited three books.

She is the director of research in a private medical group and an Adjunct Professor of Family and Community Health at the University of Minnesota.


  • Research support
    • GlaxoSmithKline, Boehringer Ingelheim, Forrest, Aerocrine, and Novartis.